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Maru's Choice

단품 요리

Chef's Special


S $13
L $24

Korean Fried Chicken 닭강정 K.F.C

Sunflower & pumpkin seeds, Green onions, Side of assorted asian pickles, Choice of sauce (Spicy gochujang, Soy garlic, Miso glaze)


Grilled Fish 생선구이 
Whole Mackerel Fillet (Spicy or S&P) 고갈비




Wild Mushroom Japchae 모듬 버섯 잡채 
Stir fried sweet potato noodle, Shiitake mushrooms, Portabella mushrooms, Shimeji mushrooms, Seasonal Veg., Potato chips


Samgye-tang 삼계탕 

(Korean Traditional Cornish Hen Soup with Asian Medicinal Plants)

​Cornish hen, Sticky rice, Ginseng, Dates, Ginkgo nuts, Green onions,

Dried medicinal plants broth


Seafood & Veg. Pancake 해물 야채전 

Scallions, Squashes, Peppers, Prawns, Squid, Shrimp, Clam meat,

Egg wash, Vinegared soy sauce




Soy Braised Oxtail with Assorted Veg. 소 꼬리찜

Bok choy, Onions, Carrots, Dates, Ginkgo nuts, Shiitake mushrooms,

Kabocha pumpkins, Green onions, Toasted pine nuts, Served with a bowl of rice


Ddok-bokky 떡볶이 

Rice cakes, Fish cakes, Seasonal veg., Hard boiled egg, Spicy gochujang sauce

(Add ramen $2.5 Add Mozza cheese $3)


Miso & Coffee Cured Soft Pork Belly with Assorted Ssam Set 마루 보쌈 

Pork belly & shoulder, Pickled radish disc, Preserved Napa cabbage, Semi-dried daikon kimchi, Assorted lettuce set, Ssam sauce, Thinly sliced fresh garlic, Pickled jalapenos




Royal Ddok-bokky 궁중 떡볶이 

Rice cakes, Assorted veg., Wild mushrooms, Soy garlic beef,

House special soy sauce


Braised Fermented Kimchi Bossam 묵은지 두부 보쌈

Miso and coffee cured soft pork belly & shoulder, Tofu, Braised fermented kimchi



Korean Kimchi & Pork Bao-zi 고기찐빵 (2pcs)
Pulled BBQ pork, Seasoned kimchi, Radish pickle, Green onion,
Cilantro, Shallot chips, XO mayo

Kimchi & Pork $14
Pork & Veg. $14

Kimchi & Pork Dumplings 만두 

Deep-fried, Fermented Kimchi or veg. & pork,

Vinegared soy sauce


Korean Steak Tartar 육회 
Asian Pears, Egg york, Green onions, Sesame oil dust

Rice Bowls


Served with Side Dishes

Kimchi & Bacon Fried Rice 베이컨 김치볶음밥

Rice, Bacon, Onions, Kimchi, Sunny-side up egg, Crisp shallot,

Green onions, Nori

​​​(치즈 추가 Add Mozza Cheese $3)


Dolsot Bibimbap 돌솥비빔밥

Rice, Seasonal Veg., Soy marinated beef, Softly poached egg, Crisp shallot,

Nori, Korean chilli sauce or soy garlic sauce

(tofu or chicken can be substitute for beef)






Five Spiced Pork Belly on the Rice 오향장육 돌솥밥

Rice, Five spiced braised pork belly, Green onions,

Seasoned Napa cabbage kimchi, Softly poached egg, Crispy shallot, Nori


Salchi Dol-sot 살치살 구이 돌솥밥

Rice, Grilled flat iron steak, Lettuce, Pickled radish, Softly poached egg,
Seasoned kimchi, Green onions, Crispy shallot, Nori



SSAM(Korean Lettuce wrap)

Served with Rice, Miso Soup, Side Dishes, Lettuce Set


Spicy Shaved Pork Shoulder with Seasonal Veg.



Beef Bulgoggie with Seasonal Veg.



Soy-Ginger Brined & Pan Fried Crisp Pork Belly

바삭 벌짚 삼겹


Miso Glazed and Torched Pork Toro

된장 항정살


Grilled Chicken Legs

춘천 닭갈비



국물 요리

Comes with Rice, Side Dishes

Gamjatang - The Pork Neck Bone Soup 감자탕

Braised cabbage green, Pork neck bones, Potatoes, Cooked own broth


Yukgaejang - The Spicy Beef Soup 육개장

Brisket, Taro stems, Gosari, Onions, Leeks, Daikon radishes, Spicy broth


Soft Tofu Soup with Seafood 해물 순두부

Soft tofu, Calamari, Shrimps, Clam meats, Prawn, Crab, Egg, Spicy broth


Kimchi Chi-gae - Fermented Kimchi Soup with Pork

돼지고기 김치찌개

Fermented home-made Kimchi, Pork, Green onions,

Cooked own broth



Giant beef back rib soup with glass noodle  대왕 갈비탕

Beef back ribs, Daikon radish, Sweet potato noodle, Dried date, Green onions, Shredded egg sheets, Cooked own broth

Soy Marinated Grilled Pork Side Ribs and Shoulders

돼지갈비 구이


Spicy Baby Octopus with Seasonal Veg.

낙지 볶음


Soy Marinated Grilled Short Libs

LA갈비 구이


Add SSAM Set

쌈채소 추가


Substitute cold buckwheat noodle for rice and soup

밥 대신 냉면




A Bowl of Rice 공기밥

(add $1 for Brown Rice)



SSAM Set 쌈채소

Green leaf lettuce, Red leaf lettuce, Crown daisy, Ssam sauce, Crispy shallot

Kimchi Trio 김치 트리오

Fennel, Napa cabbage, Cucumber


Korean Miso Soup 된장찌개(소)




Kimchi Soup 김치찌개(소)




Kids Meal 유아식

Sushi rice balls, Omelette, Edamame beans